Company Overview

InfraSol Group was established in 2007 as an employee owned, independent, professional service organisation that provides strategic management and advisory services to client organisations seeking to undertake major and/or complex projects or operational initiatives.

InfraSol Group’s business is based upon the ‘hands-on’ capabilities and experience of high calibre professionals utilising a collective and collaborative approach to providing services to our clients.

Our personnel collectively have a diverse range of skills and experience gained from a variety of industry backgrounds including engineering, quantity surveying, construction, project planning, management consulting, risk management and project management, which enables us to provide professional, independent advice to our clients across a broad range of operational environments, projects and areas of expertise.

How We Work

InfraSol Group is a dynamic team of professionals who engage proactively with clients and key stakeholders to deliver services that focus on providing value and sustainable outcomes for our clients.  InfraSol Group has grown by engaging and working with individuals who are like-minded in their focus on achieving superior client outcomes.

Our purpose is to provide reliable and dependable services to positively influence business and project decision making to increase the likelihood that superior outcomes will be achieved. We provide strong support and advice on which our clients can depend. We are advocates for our clients and champion their interests.

We are also flexible in how we provide services to our clients – different clients have different requirements.  One size does not fit all. Although we provide a range of management and advisory services that address a wide variety of client challenges, we approach each client and each challenge with the same attitude: we tailor our services to produce sustainable results for each client.


InfraSol Group’s Board is led by an independent non-executive Chair, John McKay, together with Executive Directors John Barrow, Sam Cook, Michael Flynn, David Lawson, Mark Roberts and Colin Rudd.

InfraSol Group operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of management and advisory services specialising in building and infrastructure projects.