As a consultant and advisor, InfraSol Group helps our clients with the challenges in getting their infrastructure and property projects up and running and then managing the optimization of their projects to achieve their desired outcomes.

Are you facing increasing pressure to provide solid business cases for the justification of your projects; implement proper project governance; develop effective delivery strategies; provide clear assessment and management of your project risks, manage design and specialist consultants, procure and deliver your project with superior outcomes.

The best investment that our clients can make when faced with getting a project off the ground is to seek services from a specialist consultant with the experience and expertise to get their projects defined and on the right track. The right choice of consultant will make a world of difference.

Established in 2007, InfraSol Group has a specialised team under the leadership of the founding directors with up to 35 years of experience. We work in all areas of project management and personally tackle the problems that our clients have in the critical start up phases as well as the ongoing delivery of their projects. Our focus with our clients is in optimisation of the project, identifying value and benefits realisation.

We are keen to meet you to understand your particular needs, to tailor our  services to the need and provide advice on how to structure the process that will lead to an optimal outcome.

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how your project and business can benefit from the services InfraSol Group can provide.

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Solutions to Six (6) Common Problems Owners and Developers face in the Project Management of Building and Infrastructure Projects

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